Zina Red
Symfonia x Amorosa

Все сорта

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  • Fresh market
  • Medium early ripening variety
  • Very high yield!
  • Big longoval tubers
  • Colour of skin: deep red. Colour of flesh: yellow
  • Remarkable smooth and bright skin
  • Dry matter content: 19.3%
  • Cooking type AB, practically no discoloration after cooking
  • Resistant to potato cyst nematodes Ro1 and Ro4
  • Fairly strong against common scab

Growing instructions (table potatoes)

General remarks

Zina Red is a potato variety, suitable for the table market in Europe and Northern Africa. Because of the very nice dark red, large oval to long oval tubers, the Zina Red is a very attractive variety for the local fresh market. The flesh colour is yellow. Cooking type AB and suitable for home fries. The yield is high with an average dry matter content of 19,3%.

Introduction of the Zina Red has started in Mediterranean countries with preference for red skin varieties.



Medium early.


Seed treatment

Zina Red has a rather short dormancy. A short period of warmer temperatures before planting is sufficient to break the top sprout dominance.



Zina Red has a rather good common scab resistance and can also be grown on the lighter soils. The tuber number is not very high and tubers can grow very large. To harvest a product suitable for the table market it is advised to plant at a normal to slightly shorter planting distance in the row. Normal treatments for late blight are recommended. A normal Sencor treatment can give some foliar reaction, but will not influence the final yield.



For the moment the advice for N-fertilisation is to use at least the normal recommended quantity. To avoid problems at harvest a slightly higher than normal Potassium application is advised.



Because of the tuber size, the long oval tubers of Zina Red are sensitive to internal bruising and to mechanical damage. It is advised to harvest and handle with care and to minimize drops as much as possible to avoid unnecessary damage.



This variety has a rather short dormancy period. For longer storage, cooling is necessary and sprout inhibitors can be considered.


Resistance to diseases

Zina Red is resistant to Potato Cyst Nematodes (Ro1,4) and resistant to wart disease (race 1). Somewhat sensitive to foliage blight, but highly resistant to tuber blight. Rather good resistance to common scab. Zina Red is somewhat susceptible to Potato virus “Y”, but has a good tolerance to tuber symptoms of virus Yntn.

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