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  • Baker and pre packing
  • Medium late maturing
  • High yield
  • Round oval tubers
  • Bright and smooth skin
  • Colour of skin and flesh: light yellow
  • Dry matter content: 20,9%
  • Cooking type AB, no discoloration after cooking
  • Partly resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode  Ro1, 4, Pa 2


Growing instructions (table potatoes)

General remarks

Tyson is a main crop, early bulking table potato for the retail fresh markets in Europe and South West Asia. With a bright, yellow skin and light yellow flesh, the market for the Tyson will concentrate on traditional markets and pre packers. The cooking type is AB (rather firm cooking) with no discoloration after cooking. The tubers of this variety are round oval and have a uniform shape and good skin finish. The dry matter content is good (20,9%) and this variety can be used in the baker market. The dormancy period is rather short.



Medium maturing, with an early tuberisation.


Seed treatment

A short heat treatment before planting to break the apical dominance is mostly sufficient to achieve a well developed crop. Planting directly from storage gives a later crop with more tubers.



Tyson is very strong against scab, but susceptible to spraing and can be planted on most types of soil. After complete foliage development, the ground cover is sufficient and the foliage is fairly tolerant to warm weather conditions. Although the tuber resistance is quite good, normal treatments against late blight are recommended. Tolerant to Metrobuzin applications.



The advise for the moment is to supply a normal N fertilisation. If the application of N will be split, the second application should be around the time of tuberisation. For Phosphate and Potassium also the normal applications are recommended.



Tyson has a good skin finish and is not sensitive to internal bruising. However, caution at harvest is always recommended because of the demands for the high quality market.



Because of the rather short dormancy period, for medium to long storage it is recommended to use cold stores.


Resistance to diseases

Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode Ro1, 4, and fairly resistant Pa2 and immune to wart disease fysio 1. Normal susceptible to foliage blight (Phytophthora infestans) and fairly strong for tuber blight. Strong against common scab. Susceptible to PVY and spraing, however not susceptible for PVYntn symptoms in the tuber.


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