SH C 913
Omega x VR 808

Все сорта

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  • Чипсовый сорт
  • Созревание: Раннее – среднераннее
  • Высокоурожайный
  • Округлые – округло-овальные клубни с маленькими глазками
  • Цвет кожуры и мякоти: жёлтый
  • Содержание сухого вещества: 24,5 - 25,5%
  • Устойчив к золотистой цистообразующей нематоде, патотип Ro1,4
  • Устойчив к раку картофеля, раса 1
  • Быстрое образование сухого вещества
  • Пригоден для переработки сразу после уборки и после недлительного хранения



SH C 913 is a crossing of OMEGA and VR808, excellent crisping variety for the early season. Good shape of the tubers and regular in size, tuber count per plant around 15 tubers. SH C 913 is a mid-early variety, 80 day’s after planting there is already a reasonable yield with good frying results, low and stable in the sugars. Seed sizes: 30/40, 40/50 en 50/60.


Tuber characteristics
Round, round-oval shape of the tubers. Regular in shape and size, rough yellow skin with yellow flesh. Early in the season, 80 day’s after planting, a reasonable yield, good dry matter of the tubers at the end of the growing season,  24,5 – 25,5 %

High resistant to Potato Cyst Nematodes, Rostochiensis Ro1 and resistant to Wart disease (Synchytrium endobioticum, fysio 1).



Mid early (6,5) rather fast tuber setting.


Side selection

De SH C 913 can be grown on all different kind of soils. The variety is less sensitive to Common Scab (6,5).



The total Nitrogen application is recommended in the seedbed because of the mid early maturity of the variety. Totally 220 - 240 kg N per ha (included soil reserve). Phosphate 80-120 kg/ha. SH C 913 is moderate sensitive to bruising, recommended Potassium application: 300 - 320 kg/ha. When a soil test is made, take the advice of the soil test.






SH C 913

220 - 240 kg/ha

80-120 kg/ha

300-320 kg/ha



Micro elements

SH C 913 seems not susceptible to a lack of Magnesia and Manganese, application of these two elements in your Blight program will not have negative influence on the crop.


Seed treatment

The dormancy of SH C 913 is not really deep (5), grading in the autumn and store the seed in the cold store. Temperature in the cold store not below 4 ⁰C, otherwise the development after planting will be slow. Acclimate the seed before planting, at least two weeks before planting out of the cold store. Application against Rhizoctonia is recommended, Rhizoctonia can have a negative influence at the final yield.

Planting density



tubers/100 kg



75 cm ridges

90 cm ridges



















  • Tuber count based of seed growing season 2017



Moderate planting depth, rather fast development of the crop and medium high foliage.  SH C 913 is rather sensitive to Late Blight (Phytophthora) in the leaves (4), take care the new leaves must always be protect to this fungi. The foliage is pale green and the leaves are sometimes rolling.


Weed control

Susceptible to metribuzin (Sencor), special in the post emergence application. Also a pre emergence application in combination with a lot of rainfall can give some crop reaction with metribuzin. Weed control with chemicals like Basagran en Rimsulfuron (Titus) can be used in a post application in the recommended dose per ha.


Haulm killing

Haulm killing is no problem for a variety like SH C 913 because of the maturity (6,5) of the variety. Keep attention at the regrowth, if necessary repeat the application with the haulm killing.


Attention points

     ! Regular in shape and size

     ! No Metribuzin (Sencor) in a post emergence application

     ! Rather susceptible to Late Blight (Phytophthora) in the foliage

     ! Dormancy of the tubers is short

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