SH C 1001
Omega x Horizon

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  • French fries and traditional market
  • Medium early ripening variety
  • High yield
  • Big long oval tubers
  • Light yellow skin colour, crème colour of flesh
  • Dry matter content: 21,8%
  • Cooking type C, no discoloration after cooking
  • Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode  Ro1
  • Little susceptible  to common scab


Growing instructions (crisps potatoes)

General remarks

SH C 1001 is a mid early variety for the transformation to crisps, mainly developed for the Mediterranean area. The tuber set is good in an even grading of round to round oval tubers with a yellow skin and bright yellow flesh. The cooking type is BC with a dry matter content of 24.1%.



Medium early with early tuberisation.


Seed treatment

The SH C 1001 has an average dormancy period and it is advised to pre-sprout the seed potatoes two to three weeks. Don’t plant in to cold soils (>10°C is recommended).



This variety is not sensitive to spraing and rather strong against common scab and can be planted on all soil types. The strong plants easily adapt to the local conditions. The SH C 1001 is not sensitive to a Metribuzin treatment, so normal treatments can be applied.



This variety requires a slightly lower Nitrate quantity of 220 kg/ha, well adapted to the soil analysis. If possible in two applications, 2/3 before planting and 1/3 directly after tuberisation. For Phosphate the normal advice application is recommended. And for Potassium a slightly higher application is recommended to control the tuber quality.



Defoliation is generally no problem with this variety and the tubers have a quick skin set. It is recommended to handle the product with care because of the high dry matter.



After drying and healing, this variety can easily be stored for medium long time. Check regular on the potential development of Fusarium.


Resistance to diseases

The SH C 1001 is resistant to Potato Cyst nematodes Ro1 and to wart disease fysio 1. Normal treatments against late blight are recommended. Average against common scab and powdery scab and strong against spraing internal defects.


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