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  •  Salad market, baby potatoes
  •  Maturity: early
  •  high yield
  •  Longoval tubers, very shallow eyes
  •  Colour of skin and flesh: yellow
  •  Dry matter content: 19,6%
  •  Cooking type A, practically no discoloration after cooking
  •  Resistant to potato cyst nematodes Ro1, 4
  •  Remarkable bright colour of skin
  • Very good taste


  • Growing instructions (table potatoes)

  • General remarks

    The variety Luciole is a table potato variety which is exceptionally suitable for the salad market. The tubers are longoval, somewhat pear shaped and do not grow extremely big. The eyes are very shallow. The cooking type is A with practically no discoloration after cooking. The very bright yellow colour of skin can be called noteworthy. The colour of flesh is yellow. The dry matter content is 19,6%.





    Seed treatment

    The Luciole has an average dormancy and can best be planted after a short period of pregermination, with small, just visible sprouts. It is advised to plant whole seed tubers.



    Luciole gives a high number of rather small tubers per plant and can best be compared with the variety Charlotte. The advised planting distance in with row distance of 75 cm is between 15 and 28 cm, depending the size of the seed potatoes and the purpose of the crop.

    The foliage development is rather weak and soil coverage is a point of attention. This variety can best be planted on lighter soil types with excellent loose structure and irrigation. To avoid green tubers a well constructed ridge is recommended. Luciole can resist a normal Sencor treatment.



    The nitrate demand of the Luciole is a little higher than normal (+30kg/ha), to prevent a to early maturing crop. A normal Phosphate and Potassium application is sufficient to ensure a good tuber quality.



    Luciole must be sold in the high quality markets and excellent visual quality is essential. The resistance to internal bruising is average, but the type of tubers makes the Luciole sensitive to mechanical damage. Careful handling at harvest, storage and preparation for sales is necessary to preserve the quality.



    The Luciole has an average dormancy and can be stored well in cold stores. Since Luciole is used only for fresh consumption, storing temperatures can be brought down to 4°C. This elongates the dormancy period and prevents sprouting and the development of silver scurf.


  • Resistance to diseases

  • Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematodes Ro1, 4. Fairly strong against Yn-virus, but susceptible to Yntn in the tuber. Fairly susceptible to leaf blight and rather strong against tuber blight. Moderately susceptible to common scab.


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