Levinata KWS / Левината KBC
VR 808 x Lady Jo

Все сорта

 1/2  2/2


  • Чипсовый сорт
  • Среднераннее созревание
  • Высокоурожайный
  • Округлые – округло-овальные клубни
  • Жёлтый цвет кожуры и мякоти
  • Содержание сухого вещества: 24,1%
  • Тип приготовления BC, не изменяет цвет при готовке
  • Устойчив к золотистой цистообразующей нематоде, патотип Ro1
  • Длительный период хранения



General remarks

Levinata is a mid early variety for the transformation to crisps. The tubers are round to round oval with a yellow skin and yellow flesh. The cooking type is C with a dry matter content of 24.1% and excellent crisping quality. The variety is being widely introduced in Europe.



Medium early with early tuberisation.


Seed treatment

Levinata has a long dormancy period and receiving the seed potatoes timely is recommended. Don’t plant in to cold soils and if possible apply a treatment against Rhizoctonia.



This variety is only slightly sensitive to spraing and strong against common scab and can also be planted on lighter soils. The tuberisation is rather good, but on heavier soils it is recommended to plant on a closer distance. Levinata develops a medium high light green foliage with rather good ground cover. Levinata is sensitive to a Metribuzin treatment.



Levinata gives good results when following the advise applications of Nitrate. If possible in two applications, 2/3 during planting and 1/3 directly after tuberisation. For Phosphate the normal advice application is recommended and for Potassium a slightly higher amount (300 kg/ha) is recommended to guarantee the tuber quality.



Like most crisping varieties also the variety Levinata prefers to mature gradually to secure the quality. With a rapid skin finish and only slightly sensitive to black spot and harvest damage harvesting gives generally no problems. Because of the high dry matter careful handling is essential.



The dormancy is long and the variety Levinata holds the sugar level low and can easily be used for long term storage.


Resistance to diseases

Levinata is resistant to Potato Cyst nematodes Ro1 and to wart disease fysio 1. Normally susceptible for late blight and regular treatments are recommended. Rather strong against common scab en spraing. Levinata has generally no problems with storage diseases.


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