Labadia / Лабадиа
Mondial x Van Gogh

Все сорта

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  • Столовый сорт
  • Созревание: среднераннее
  • Early bulking variety
  • Высокоурожайный
  • Овальные клубни
  • Жёлтый цвет кожуры и светло-жёлтая мякоть
  • Содержание сухого вещества: 21,3%
  • Тип приготовления B, не изменяет цвет при готовке
  • Устойчив к золотистой цистообразующей нематоде, патотип Ro1



General remarks

Labadia is suitable as a fresh table potato variety for the markets around the Mediterranean See and Eastern Europe. The tubers of Labadia are oval with light yellow skin and flesh color. The cooking type of Labadia is B. With a dry matter content of 20.7%, Labadia is also suitable for home frying.



Medium early to early.


Seed treatment

Labadia has a moderate dormancy with a very week apical dominance. For an early production, pre-germination is advised. Sprouts need to be well hardened in light; susceptible to sprout damage. Labadia has a slow emergence, but is not susceptible to little potato disorder.



Do not plant too early in a cold soil. The planting depth is normal. Ridges must be voluminous to prevent greening. After a somewhat slow start, the plants develop moderately, which results in a rather low foliage. Moderate susceptible for Sencor (Metribuzin). Be careful with a leaf treatment.



Labadia needs an average fertilisation, compare with Spunta (250 kg/ha incl. soil reserve). This variety needs most of the fertilisation early in the season. And a second dose (50 kg/ha) after tuber setting. Normal Phosphate (120 kg/ha) and Potassium (230 kg/ha) fertilisation.



Moderately fast skin set. Careful harvesting and handling is advised; Labadia is rather susceptible to mechanical damage. Not very sensitive to internal bruising.



Labadia has an average dormancy. The variety seems to be moderately susceptible to silver scab. Quick drying after storage and preventing condensation during storage are important.


Resistance to diseases

Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode Ro1and immune to wart disease fysio 1. Labadia is average susceptible to Late Blight in the foliage and the tubers and normal treatments are recommended.



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