El Mundo / Эл Мундо
HE 95-0251 x Valor

Все сорта

 1/2  2/2


  • Столовый сорт
  • Созревание: среднераннее
  • Очень высокоурожайный
  • Овальные – удлинённо овальные клубни
  • Светло жёлтый цвет кожуры и мякоти
  • Содержание сухого вещества: 18,2%
  • Тип приготовления AB, не изменяет цвет при готовке
  • Устойчив к золотистой цистообразующей нематоде, патотип Ro1
  • Устойчив к фитофторе листьев
  • Немного восприимчив к обыкновенной парше.


General remarks

El Mundo is a rather firm cooking variety for the traditional table market in South Europe, Africa and the middle East. This variety is also suitable for the washed retail market. It produces a strong crop with high yields, also under low input conditions. The tubers are oval to long oval with a light yellow flesh color and a light skin. The cooking type is AB. Dry matter content is about 18.5%.



Medium early.


Seed treatment

El Mundo has an average dormancy and a rather strong apical dominance of the top sprout. Planting in the “open eyes” stage gives good results. The sprouts will get damaged easily. El Mundo is little sensitive to Little Potato Disorder. The variety is sensitive to Rhizoctonia solani; tuber treatment before planting is recommended.



Plant the seed tubers at soil surface level (normal depth). El Mundo has a normal emergence and first development. This variety gives a high and strong canopy with thick stems and exuberant flowering. El Mundo is very sensitive to Sencor (Metribuzin). Sencor can cause damage to the foliage. This herbicide should only be applied before harvest. Mechanical weed control or an alternative herbicide like Basagran (Bentazon) is preferred.



A moderate Nitrogen fertilization is recommended to avoid a too strong canopy development. Specific for the desert areas, a total amount of Nitrogen between 200 and 240 kg/ha is recommended for El Mundo. At the start of the crop, El Mundo needs 250 kg Potassium. A small second application of Potassium as a top dressing is advised.



For El Mundo, it is important to have a mature crop at the date of haulm killing. It takes time for El Mundo to have a fixed skin. Little susceptible to bruising.



El Mundo has an average dormancy. Little susceptible to Silver Scab.


Resistance to diseases

Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode Ro1and immune to wart disease fysio 1. El Mundo has a good resistance to Late Blight and to tuber blight.

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