Amera x V 72-19-43

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  • Fresh market, crisp and chip market, mashed potatoes
  • Early ripening variety
  • High yield
  • Oval, fairly shallow-eyed tubers
  • Colour of skin:  light yellow-yellow, colour of flesh: light yellow
  • Dry matter content: 24.1%
  • Cooking type: BC, little discoloration after cooking
  • Resistant to potato cyst nematodes, pathotype Ro1-Ro4
  • Immune to wart disease, race 1. Little susceptible to race 2
  • Little susceptible to internal bruising


Growing instructions (table potatoes)

General remarks

Donald is an early multi purpose variety with a very good taste, good cooking qualities and is highly appreciated in the fresh market. The cooking type is BC with little after cooking discoloration. Donald accumulates early in the season a good dry matter content, and is well suited for the French fries industry for early processing. Donald can also be used for the production of crisps and the starch industry. The tubers of Donald are medium sized and oval-shaped. The skin colour is light yellow to yellow, and the flesh colour light yellow. The dry matter content is about 24,1%.





Seed treatment

A heat treatment after mechanical cooling is recommended. If the early market is the essence of the crop, the use of pre-sprouted seed will increase the earliness, if planted with care. Donald is not sensitive to the herbicide Sencor.



Donald can be planted early. On clay soils, it is recommended to use larger size of seed. On loamy and sandy soils the smaller size can be used. Donald has the tendency to grow somewhat high in the ridge. Therefore it is recommended to plant a little deeper than normal. Planting distance is different according to the purpose of the cultivation. For the early French fries and the starch industry, 35-40.000 plants are recommended. For the crisping industry and the fresh market, 38-43.000 plants are recommended.



Being an early variety, Donald requires a slightly higher N-fertilisation. Plus 50 kg for fresh consumption and plus 25 kg for crisps or French fries. All just before planting. The higher the level of nitrate, the lower the dry matter. The advised amounts for Potassium (K) and Phosphate (P) are the normal quantities. It is recommended to apply the P and K fertilisation in early spring, just before planting.



High dry matter tubers can damage and bruise more easily. Therefore it is important to handle with care at harvesting.



The dormancy of Donald is rather short, but long time storage is possible with the use of sprout-inhibitors. Donald is rather susceptible to skin irritation caused by powder formulations.


Resistance to diseases

Donald is resistant to Potato Cyst Nematodes (Ro1-Ro4) and resistant to wart disease fysio 1. Rather susceptible to late blight in the foliage and also to tuber blight. Regular fungicide treatments are needed during the season, also to prevent a Sclerotinia infection. Donald is susceptible to spraing and to potato virus Yntn. Donald is somewhat susceptible to common scab.

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