Rosara x RZ 97-6139

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  • Traditional fresh market
  • Medium early ripening variety

  •  High yield

  •  Oval tubers

  •  Red skin colour, yellow colour of flesh

  •  Dry matter content: 18,5%

  •  Cooking type AB, no discoloration after cooking

  •  Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematode  Ro1, Pa2 and Pa3

  •  Strong against common scab

Growing instructions (table potatoes)

General remarks

Camel is a mid early variety for with cooking type AB for the fresh market. The tubers are oval shaped with dark yellow flesh and a dark red skin. The cooking type is AB with a dry matter content of 18.3%. The variety is cultivated in North Africa and Europe.



Medium early.


Seed treatment

Camel has a strong top sprout dominance and is rather sensitive for sprout damage. It is advised to order the seed potatoes timely and plant after a pre germination of several weeks to brake the dormancy.



This variety is rather sensitive to spraing and average for common scab and it is advised not to plant in to light soils, with seed that is out of dormancy. The foliage development is quick, but not to abundant. Camel is not sensitive to a Metribuzin treatment.



Camel requires a slightly moderate N-fertilisation of 200 kg / ha, well adapted to the soil analysis. A split application of 2/3 at planting and 1/3 after tuber set is recommended. For Phosphate and Potasium the normal advice application is recommended.



The variety Camel needs sufficient time after haulm killing for the mother tubers and the skin development. (Some 3-4 weeks) Harvest with care, to avoid excessive bruising.



Camel has a good dormancy. Advised is to start with skin healing and drying directly at harvest. After wound healing it is advised to avoid moisture in the storage, to prevent the development of silver scurf.


Resistance to diseases

Camel has a broad nematodes resistance, to Potato Cyst nematodes Ro1-4 and Pa 2 and 3. Normally treatments against late blight are recommended. Average against common scab.

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