Bonnata kws
Bernadette x RZ 95-6643

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  • Fresh market
  • Medium early ripening variety
  • High yield
  • Oval - long oval tubers
  • Light yellow skin colour, light yellow colour of flesh
  • Dry matter content: 21,2%
  • Cooking type BC, no discoloration after cooking
  • Susceptible to Potato Cyst Nematodes
  • Resistant to wart disease, race 1
  • Rather strong to common scab

Growing instructions (table potatoes)

General remarks

Bonnata is a mid early, slightly mealy cooking variety with high yields, suitable for the western European and Mediterranean fresh market. The tubers are oval to long oval shaped and have a bright appearance with light yellow skin and flesh. The cooking type is BC with a dry matter content of 21,2%. The very good quality for French fries makes this variety very suitable for the home fries market. The variety is being commercialized for fresh, home fries and French fries.



Medium early.


Seed treatment

Bonnata has a rather good dormancy period. Because of the top sprout dominance, it is advised to pre germinate some weeks and plant with small sprouts. (White points stage.) This variety is sensitive to de-sprouting and this has to be avoided as much as possible.



This variety is because of the resistance to common scab and powdery scab suitable for all soil types. For prepacking purposes soils with a to high scab pressure must be avoided. Make sure to treat the soil against Rhizoctonia and Black dot to avoid discolorations on the tubers. The tuberisation is good, also on heavier soil types. A normal Metribuzin treatment causes no problems.



Bonnata requires a normal N-fertilisation well adapted to the soil analysis. On some fields the initial N-application can be kept low and then additional applications can be given during the season. For Phosphate and Potassium the normal advice application is recommended.



The variety Bonnata has a good foliage development. The nice looking skin is thin and can damage easily. The advise is to wait 3 weeks and harvest with care, also to prevent black spot.



Because of the good dormancy period, Bonnata can be stored for a longer period. Control regularly on storage diseases and take care of the temperature before handling the potatoes.


Resistance to diseases

Not resistant to Potato Cyst nematodes, but resistant to wart disease fysio 1. Rather strong against common scab and late blight in the foliage.

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