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Amarin 1/2  2/2


  • Fresh market
  • Maturity: early 
  • High - very high yield
  • Oval/roundoval tubers
  • Colour of skin: yellow. Colour of flesh: cream
  • Dry matter content: 18.6%
  • Cooking type B, practically no discoloration after cooking
  • Resistant to potato cyst nematodes, Ro1, 4
  • Good keeping quality
  • Remarkable bright colour of skin

Growing instructions (table potatoes)

General remarks

Amarin is suitable for the traditional fresh markets because of its big, white fleshed potatoes. Also there are opportunities in the retail-fresh market. The yield of Amarin is high to very high. The tubers are oval to roundoval shaped. The colour of skin is yellow and colour of flesh is cream. This variety has a remarkable bright skin. The cooking type is B. The dry matter content is quite low: 18.6%.





Seed treatment

Amarin has a rather long dormancy period. A heat treatment and pre-sprouting is therefore recommended.



This variety is moderately susceptible to common scab. Keep this in mind while choosing the type of soil. Amarin has a quick emergence and a fairly good foliage development later on. The variety is quite susceptible to late blight (Phytophthora infestans). It is advisable to start the treatment against leaf blight in time and on a regular basis.



Amarin requires more N-fertiliser than average. If the application will be split, the second application should be immediately after tuberisation, otherwise the nitrogen will not be sufficiently absorbed.



Because of the rather long dormancy period, Amarin can be stored for a long period.


Resistance to diseases

Resistant to Potato Cyst Nematodes (Ro1, 4). Immune to wart disease race 1. Average resistance to common scab. Quite susceptible to PVY, however high tolerance to PVYntn in the tuber. Fairly susceptible to leaf blight, very little susceptible to tuber blight.

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