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  • Variedad Fresco y papas fritas
  • Madurez medio 
  • Alta producción 
  • Redondo-ovalado tuberculos
  • Color de piel: amarillo
  • Color de carna: amarillo blanco
  • Materia Seca: 18.2%
  • Tipo de cocción: BC, poca decoloración después de la cocción
  • Resistencia: Nematodes Ro1,4, Pa2 & Pa3
  • Fuerte contra Phutophtora de la planta

Instruccciones de crecimiento 

General remarks

Eurostar is a medium late variety with broad nematode resistance, developed for the French fries industry in Europe, but also suitable for the fresh market. The tubers are oval to long oval shaped with yellow skin and light yellow flesh. The cooking type is B with a dry matter content of 20.4% and an excellent frying colour.



Medium late.


Seed treatment

Eurostar has a rather strong dormancy and can best be planted after a pre germination time of 3 weeks. Don’t plant in to cold soils, to avoid Rhizoctonia problems.



This variety can be planted on most soil types, but not in soils that are known to give low dry matter content. The foliage development is good, with an excellent ground cover. Eurostar is sensitive to a Metribuzin treatment, but has no problem with a normal Basagran (Bentazon) treatment.



Eurostar requires an average N-fertilisation of 250 kg/ha well adapted to the soil analysis. If possible 70% at planting and 30% at tuberisation. For Phosphate and Potassium the normal advice application is recommended. Don’t use Potassium fertilizer with Chloride.



The tubers of the Eurostar are well attached to the plant and can best be harvested three weeks after haulm killing to allow for skin maturity.



Eurostar has a good storability and after wound healing, long time storage is relatively easy.


Resistance to diseases

Eurostar is resistant, to Potato Cyst nematodes Ro1 and Pa 2 and 3 and wart disease fysio 1. Eurostar is relatively strong against late blight, but normal treatments are recommended. Average susceptible for common scab and strong against spraing.

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