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Update acquisition KWS Potato activities

Update acquisition KWS Potato activities

Last April Stet Holland announced the acquisition of the seed potato varieties and the breeding material for French fries, crisps and table export markets of KWS Potato B.V.

Since then we have been occupied with many activities preparing ourselves to make the final integration  as smoothly as possible. The real integration can only start after the transaction has been completed officially. The completion of the transaction is expected to be signed the 27th of June 2016. Only at that time the new Stet Holland including the acquired KWS activities and varieties will become effective for  growers, breeders and customers.

The seed potato business of KWS is an excellent addition for Stet since the markets of KWS and Stet are very complementary to each other and hardly overlap at all. By taking over the varieties portfolio, the seed potato production and the sales channels of KWS, Stet will be able to strengthen their position in the seed potato market and create future synergies.Furthermore Stet will gain presence in key markets and specific processing segments.

The KWS varieties, the breeding material and their expertise will help us to strengthen Stet’s position in the seed potato market. As a result of the acquisition a part of the employees of KWS Potato B.V. will join Stet Holland B.V. Also employees of KWS in the United Kingdom, France and Russia will become a part of the Stet organization.

In order to emphasize this international aspect, Stet companies will be established in France and in the United Kingdom. Russia will possibly follow in the near future. Most  preparation activities to make the integration a success have meanwhile almost been finalized. This includes for example the transfer of all variety registrations, integration of all growers and clients and variety information of KWS into the systems of Stet. Furthermore this includes of course the proper transition of the KWS employees.

Good news from the antitrust authorities: all countries meanwhile granted permission for the acquisition!

After the acquisition of the seed potato activities of KWS Potato B.V. Stet Holland will realize a yearly turnover of about € 50 million. We would like to confirm once again that Stet Holland will be operating in the market completely independent from HZPC.

Further communication will follow after completion date.

Gepubliceerd op vrijdag 17 juni 2016
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