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Field demonstration day in Spain

Field demonstration day in Spain

The field demonstration day in Spain turned out to be very successful.

All the participants arrived on Wednesday 6th April in Murcia area for a joint dinner.

We welcomed agents and clients originating from Algeria, Portugal, France, Lebanon, Jordan and Italy.

After a few presentations on 7th April, namely about Patatas Beltran and the Spanish market (José Beltran), the latest developments in Stet Holland and our markets (Henk Holtslag) and about the importance of variety introduction (Jacques Vergroesen), the group followed the Beltran family to the fields in the area of Murcia and Cartagena.

With excellent explications of José Beltran, we have seen very nice potatoes of the varieties Bellini, Safari, Amarin, Sultana, Vitalia, Zina Red and Triplo. Cartagena is the early potato area of Spain from where the exports to France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany starts. Patatas Beltran will start to harvest the first potatoes in 2 weeks time. Prices are now around € 50 – 55 per 100 kg ex farms.

Besides the commercial fields we have visited the variety demonstration field. This field was still young (around 45 days) and only the foliage development could be studied. Besides the commercial varieties, also the new varieties Dirosso, Gaudi and Tyson were planted.

On Friday 8th of April we made a touristic tour in Cartagena, the old city of Hasdrubal where we have seen the old Roman Theatre and the port with maritime musea:  Museo Naval. After the tour we ended the meeting with a lunch.

Also due to the very nice performance of all the Stet Holland varieties, the participants have experienced this field day as a very inspiring event.  They got to return home with full confidence in the possibilities of our varieties. Besides that we enjoyed the good food in Spain and had nice discussions in a good atmosphere. We thank the family Beltran for organizing this interesting program!

Gepubliceerd op dinsdag 19 april 2016
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