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Amarin, excellent results in Syria

Amarin, excellent results in Syria

The general situation in Syria is dramatic for all the people and their business.

Nevertheless Stet Holland is doing a great job in regard to the export of seed potatoes. Due to the special efforts of our agent Mr Khaled Murei under these difficult circumstances,  Stet Holland is the number 2 of biggest seed potato exporters to Syria. Beside Spunta, which is an important variety in Syria, we export a big quantity of Safari, Bellini, Triplo and Amarin. The varieties Avanti, Kastelli and Melanto are in the process of registration now.

SAFARI is grown in Syria for several years now and it is getting very popular due to its strength and power to grow under difficult circumstances. Same good results we have in the area of the Middle East, like Iraq and Jordan, but also in Southern Europe and North Africa.

New is the variety AMARIN (see pictures). Amarin is an early variety, giving big tubers and high yield in a short time. In Syria the potato varieties need to be performing well in two seasons; first and second crop. In both crops Amarin is doing well: big tubers and high yield.

AMARIN; the new early cropping potato for hot climates!

Pictures : Mr. Khaled Murei AlQasem

Gepubliceerd op donderdag 11 februari 2016
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